Sunset Passion

Sunset Passion

100 % Wildcrafted St. Lucia Sea Moss gel,

CHARGED by the ocean, then dried by the sun.

This Superfood is one of nature's powerful gifts to us. 

DR. Sebi Recommended Sea moss is packed full of essential minerals and nutrients, such as: Magnesium,Calcium,Vitamins B12 & B2Vitamin,

CZ incIronIodine, and Fiber. 


Passion Fruit Benefits:

Provides key nutrients

Rich in antioxidants 

Good source of fiber 

Low glycemic index 

Improve insulin sensitivity


Mango Benefits:

It helps in cleansing skin

Helps in regulating diabetes 

Helps in alkalising your body 

An Aphrodisiac fruit

Boosts the immune system 

Reduce anxiety


Ingredients: Irish Sea Moss, Lemon, Natural Spring Water, Organic Passionfruit, Organic Mango

    16 Ounces