Blue Dream

Blue Dream

100 % Wildcrafted St. Lucia Sea Moss gel,

CHARGED by the ocean, then dried by the sun.

This Superfood is one of nature's powerful gifts to us. 

DR. Sebi Recommended Sea moss is packed full of essential minerals and nutrients, such as: Magnesium,Calcium,Vitamins B12 & B2Vitamin,

CZ incIronIodine, and Fiber. 


Blue Spirulina Benefits:

Immune system support

Improve weight loss potential 

Contains all essential amino acids and protein 

Natural energy from B vitamins 

Reduces inflammation 

May reduce blood pressure 

Can help lower cholesterol 

May help improve allergy symptoms 

Improve liver function

Demonstrates activity against certain types of cancer:

Pancreatic cancer cells, tumor growth, mammary tumors, lung cancer cells, triple- negative breast cancer, & liver tumors. 



Ingredients: Irish Sea Moss, Lemon, Natural Spring Water, Organic Passionfruit, Organic Mango

    16 Ounces